Planning a route can be an adventure in itself. Take the sure track to your destination with a custom plan suited to your style.

Overland Quest combs through vast resources to put together a customized trip plan suited to your interest and capabilities. We will research and build each leg of the journey according to what’s right for you. Your route plan will be delivered to you in an ebook format to be used on your hand held device or as a printable file.

A track built on preselected waypoints can guide the traveler on a custom journey visiting the most interesting points and saving time. Overland Quest can provide a Geo-Tour package to your destination. This includes .gpx files, custom maps, and details of features along the way.

Off the beaten path camping options can be identified for a truly remote experience. This calls for the travelers, gear and vehicles to be made ready for an overlanding adventure.

Explore the natural world around you. Discover places that will remain with you forever.

Travel plans can include unique destinations providing opportunities to explore our natural world. Overland Quest can build base camp destination packages which includes options for outdoor recreation. We offer a guide service specifically tuned to back country travel. Pursue your favorite activity or glean inspiration from a number of outdoor activities.

Experience what the great outdoors has to offer.

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