Instruction, Workshops, and Presentations

Overland Quest offers a variety of overland navigation and planning instruction suited for those who want to take their adventures off the beaten path.
Compensation based on venue. Private consulting available.

Adventure Travel Planning –getting there

Presentation extensively covers travel planning from conception to execution including research, computation, and preparation.

Vehicle Based Navigation – NAV gear for the modern overlander

A detailed look into vehicle based navigation covering the equipment and techniques used to plot your course overland.

Moto to Deadhorse – 12,500 mile odyssey

An account of the planning and execution a motorcycle journey to Deadhorse, AK. The presentation concludes with a six-minute self produced film capturing the first leg of the journey.

Forest Road Trip – the legend of Denver Boone

Chronical filled with images of a personal expedition upon forest roads through the southwestern states by a dog, his master, and their camp rig.

Off the Grid Overlanding –
get out and stay out

Ideas, tips, and tricks on how to set up your rig and camp crew for an extended stay basecamp.